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Comprehensive in-house printing and graphics capability have transformed the way we do business. In addition to stocking thousands of printed artworks, we strongly encourage ‘thinking outside the square’ to produce the much coveted ‘one off’ results. Our print capabilities are now better than ever with edgy paper, metal and acrylic works adding to the resources from specialist US and European suppliers who now have an extended range of fine art prints, limited editions and canvases in large format print on demand sizes.


Our custom wallpaper offerings are limited only by your imagination! We are able to produce whole walls covered in large format and high resolution photographic compositions, graphics, or bright geometric prints with the added benefit of having fire ratings, low VOC and textured options. The combinations are endless. The use of specifically created graphics and photographic content ensures the project is both relevant and fresh.  

What's the latest?


It’s our large format eye-popping Hi-visuAL metal prints on aluminium!  Offering panel sizes up to 1.5m x 1.0m, high quality photography and artwork comes to life!  This product is sure to capture attention.

Botany Bay Art Interactive Website
Click on the link below and allow us to take you on an armchair journey through our vast print collections. Create your own custom artwork look and feel from the comfort of your office or home, play with the tools provided to enable you to visualise the many framing options and finishes available. Why not book our showroom to visit with your clients who can take a visual walkthrough to see the latest products we offer and an up to date gallery on our walls.

Click fot Art

Dare to be original? 
We can arrange commissions of original artworks of any genre to be produced by one of the many accredited artists from our talent pool. After receiving input regarding concept, style, size, colour at an agreed budget the artist produces a small sample piece as a visual indication to the client of the finished work.